Frequently asked questions for Limousine Lincoln

Do you have a minimum required time when renting?

Yes we do. In order to make limousine and limo bus runs profitable every time, we do require a minimum time commitment when renting from us. Simply contact us in order to find out what the minimum requirment is for the date of your run.

Do you permit smoking on your vehicles?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot allow smoking on our vehicles for a number of reasons. It is in your overall best interests, as smoking tends to dirty up our vehicles much more, which causes more cleaning costs for us. As well as the possibility for unnecessary damage with burns and other such mishaps. Finally, we do have to consider the health and well being of our chauffeurs who might be exposed to second hand smoke.

Is the tip included in the cost of the rental?

There is a minimum gratuity included in the cost of your rental. However we do permit our chauffeurs to be able to accept an additional gratuity if you feel they are deserving of additional tips. So, you are welcome to tip above and beyond the minimum included gratuity if your chauffeur has done a spectacular job... or, if you're just feeling nice!

Is alcohol allowed to be consumed on the vehicle?

Absolutely. Anyone of the legal drinking age is more than welcome to consume alcohol while in our vehicles. This is one of the prime perks of hiring a D.O.T. licensed establishment for your transportation in that we're allowed to welcome those bringing alcoholic beverages aboard for enjoyment during their run.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

We are happy to accept major credit/debit cards as well as registered and local personal checks. While we require a debit or credit card to facilitate the reservation, you are welcome to just put that on "hold" and pay also entirely in cash.

Do you require us to adhere to a strict itinerary?

No, we allow for unlimited stops and mileage. So, this means we'll be happy to take you anywhere you'd like to go as long as it falls under your pre-agreed time constraints. While it might make things smoother for your run to have a pre arranged itinerary, it is not imperative that you stick with it if the situation calls for deviation.

Do you recommend other companies?

Of cours. Check out New York City Party Buses or Party Bus Cedar Rapids for party buses. For limos the best is Tacoma Limousine Service.