Welcome to Limousine Lincoln!

Lincoln Nebraska, like many college towns, is full of diversity and life. While Nebraska towns might not be known particularly for night life and things to do, we think you'll find more than enough entertainment here for just about any tastes you can imagine. One thing you should know about Lincoln, is that the people here just love their Cornhuskers! We get tons of requests for Saturday tailgate bashes put on by loyal and rabid Nebraska Cornhusker fans. To that end, we've rather become tailgate party specialists. As well as having a diverse range of other services we commonly render for events like weddings, concerts, festivals, nights out on the town, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties. You name it, we've probably handled it before! If you have any questions on whether we can service your group's next big event with ultimate class, style, and fun... be sure to contact us today!

Limousine Lincoln is an organization comprised of like-minded individuals with a common purpose. This purpose is to bring to you, the people of Lincoln Nebraska, the highest level of luxury transportation available in the entire region! Thanks to the great people who work with us, we've managed to assemble the most extensive fleet of limousines and limousine buses around, and we're not kidding when we tell you that they're the maintained to be the smoothest most reliable running fleet in the nation. Not only that, we think you'll find that our implicit attention to detail, carries right out to our maintenance crew who keeps each vehicle spotless and fresh for each and every run we have the pleasure of servicing. Every customer of ours is a valued and highly esteemed client. We want to not only earn your business, but also your recommendations and repeat business as well. This business model has served us well through the years, as your continued referrals and return business, as well as our new business has fueled a steady and consistent growth for us. We're so grateful for your business and we look forward to working with you.

We'd love for you to come down and talk with us, and allow us to take you on a private tour of our beautiful vehicles. But failing that, because we know you're busy, we have put together this website so that you can view our fleet and all of our outstanding features without having to step foot outside your door. You can even book your bus from the comfort of your own home, with the convenience of a credit card, and have it all done in just a few moments' time. We're all about your comfort and convenience from the start of your trip till the finish. We love having lifelong customers that return for all their special events as the years go by, and getting to know you on a first-name basis. We hope that you will spread the word about our services to your good friends when you are pleased with your time on the road with us!

If you've never had the pleasure of traveling in a party bus, we hope that you'll choose us to introduce you to the experience. There's nothing like hitting the road in one of our luxurious vehicles, living it up while you sip the beverages of your choice from our built-in bars, watching your favorite movies on our HDTVs, listening to your favorite tracks on our booming stereos, and of course enjoying the glow of the lights and chatting it up with all your friends while you enjoy the comfortable seating. You just cannot have this experience in your own vehicles. Even a large SUV that usually feels very spacious will quickly feel cramped if you invite too many people! With us, you can fit an enormous amount of people into one bus and save fuel by traveling together. There are few things in life that are both glamorous and green, but party bus travel is one of them! You can live it up like a celebrity and still know that you are doing something good for Mother Nature. We do everything we can to be an ecologically friendly company and we know that you appreciate that!

While you're here on our web space, we welcome you to view each page. Herein you'll find specific information about our company, our fleet, and the great areas we service. We've done our best to put together all of the information that you should need to feel comfortable making a decision about our services, but we think that it'll really seal the deal for you when you talk to us and find out how friendly our office staff is! They know everything about putting your trip together for you, so just dial them up and let us begin the planning process for you. It all begins with a simple price quote, and all you've got to give us for that is the date of your trip, the type of event, and the number of passengers. It really is that fast! We can do it via email too, so don't hesitate to contact us that way. Should you have any questions along the way, we are always happy to answer anything that might cross your mind. You'll find our contact info on each and every page.

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